Leaders: Inferno 2016

The New Zealand Venture is the reason we are doing this. As a Unit Leader at Venture Inferno you will be responsible for a group of 8 or 9 Venturers. Your unit will be made up of a mixture of Australian and Kiwi Venturers who are all doing the same Phase 1 (Expedition) activity. If you've been to an Australian Venture you will find this a bit different in that there are usually 2 leaders and 16-18 Venturers to a unit.

There will be an expedition manager who will run the Phase 1 activity, but ultimately you are responsible for the welfare of the Venturers in your unit for the entire Venture. You will camp with your unit for the 12 days and undertake activities with them. The Venture is also designed to have freedom for Venturers, so its expected that Unit Leaders will respect this.

Most expeditions will have a least 2 units doing the same activity so you will have access to another Unit Leader for support, and in the case where there is only one unit at an expedition the Australian Contingent have requested that two leaders be placed into that unit.

During Phase 2 you will be camped as a unit onsite but your Venturers may be off doing activities with other groups or by themselves. This phase is more relaxed and the key is to establish a daily meeting so that you can touch base with your Venturers. Your expedition group may continue to spend time together, or perhaps only see each other at your daily unit meetings. It depends on the dynamic of the group, and both variations are fine.

Leaders applying to be Unit Leaders should be active Venturer Leaders working directly with youth members on a week to week basis.

The 13th New Zealand Venture will have around 500 Australians and 500 Kiwis all joining together for 10 days of adventure, activities and parties. The Venture is split into two sections: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1

4th - 8th January

We hope you will be burning with excitement as you read through the options - selecting your favourite (from 30 Expeditions!) may be difficult. Debate your choices with your friends, or toss a coin. Either way, light your fire for an experience you will never, ever forget.


Expedition Type Fitness Required Price AU$
Survival Extreme Physical / Mental High $300
Salty Sea Dogs Physical / Mental Medium $600
Walk Waikaremoana Physical / Hiking Medium to High $350
Boots and Grit Physical / Hiking High $300
Molten Mountain Biking Physical / Biking High $950
Kayak Waimarino Physical / Kayaking High $950
Sun, Surf and Sand Relaxed Low to Medium $400
Masterchef Skill / Cooking Low $750
The Underground Physical / Mental Medium $600
Canoe Whanganui Physical / Canoeing Medium to High $800
Dive In - Sandy Bay Physical / Diving High $900
Boots and Lakes Physical / Hiking Medium to High $350
Tongariro Circuit Physical / Hiking High $400
Photography Exposed Skills / Photography Low $500
Volcanic Overload Physical / Exploration Medium $650
Coromandel Loop Physical / Exploration Low to Medium $700
Coromandel Canyon Physical / Exploration High $850
Guns and Rods Skill / Shooting, Fishing Medium $750
Rotorua Immersion Scenic / Exploration Medium $750
Modor Stonefields Physical / Alpine High $650
Dive In - Whitianga Physical / Diving High $950
Boots and Bush Physical / Hiking Medium $300
Get Set...Go! Physical / Mental Medium to High $700
Boots to Nowhere Physical / Hiking Medium to High $500
Mariner's Odyssey Physical / Sailing, Hiking Medium to High $400
Start Your Engine Skill / Motoring Medium $950
Mount Doom's Shadow Physical / Hiking + High $650
Bilbo's Quest Scenic / Exploration Low to Medium $750
Dive In - Tutakaka Physical / Diving High $950
Adrenalin Veins Physical / Hiking + High $950

Survival Extreme

Think you're tough enough? Ready for a challenge that will push you physically and mentally? If you are extremely fit and want to come 'play' in the beautifully rugged Kaimai Ranges, be prepared for a hard workout, living rough and sleeping in bivvies (no matter the weather). Rations will be supplemented by what plants and grubs you can forage - unless your Unit wins a Food Challenge. Learn different ways to purify water. How many ways can you light a fire? Hot tips for survival should you get lost...Will you be brave enough to spend a night SOLO in the bush after hearing the legends of the Moehau Monsters of the Kaimai's? You may get wet. You may get cold. But will you survive? There is only one way to find out.

Salty Sea Dogs

Cast off! Set course for open water on Lion New Zealand (winner of the 1984 Sydney to Hobart Race) and/or Steinlager 2 (iconic winner of the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race). During this multi-day voyage exploring Auckland's Hauraki Gulf, you will get first-hand experience of the different aspects of sailing. What role will you be allocated first? Helmsman, meteorologist, navigator, communications officer, engineer, safety manager, switch board operator, sail trimmer, tactician? Work and communicate together to sail the vessel to your destination. Experience what life on board a Round the World Yacht is like by cooking and eating in the same way as our famous New Zealand sailors. Even sail through the night with a watch system in place.

Walk Waikaremoana

This remote Expedition is one of New Zealand's Great Walks, and traces the shoreline of Lake Waikaremoana - the 'sea of rippling waters'. As you trek deep into Urewera National Park, you will pass giant podocarp trees and silent beaches, and enjoy breath-taking views from Panekire Bluff. The 46km trail is well formed and well marked, although in many places it is more rugged that other Great Walks. All rivers and major streams are bridged. How will you fare with a navigation contest? Will the weather be smiling to let you sleep under the stars? Your reward at the end will be to explore Onepoto caves before a soak in Waikite thermal valley's hot pools.

Boots and Grit

Not afraid of walking uphill? Enjoy big views? Been hiking before? Feeling fit? This trek takes you along the ridgelines of the Kaimai mountains - the backbone between the lush Waikato diary region and the pristine Tauranga harbour. You won’t know which way to look, the views will be so plentiful! Explore historic kauri mill sites, along with - in their day - the world’s richest gold mining sites. Nothing as luxurious as a hut for you - tents are essential, plus you'll be finding your own campsite. Perhaps it will be on the track?

Molten Mountain Biking

Rotorua is the mountain biking capital of the world! Start by spending time with the professionals, honing your biking skills. Learn how to get the best from your bike – you will soon be able to ride places you never dreamed of going. With easily accessible trails as good as you'll find anywhere, the well-contoured tracks are graded with varying degrees of jumps and bail out options. With track names like 'Be Rude Not To', 'Chop Suey' and 'Billy T' you are going to want to ride them all. You may bring your own bike (at your own risk) but it must be serviced by an approved cycle shop before Venture. To give your body a breather, another activity (could even be rafting!) will be thrown in to the mix too. Get ready to crank!

Kayak Waimarino

Whether you've always wanted to learn to Eskimo Roll, or the thought of paddling in a multisport race appeals, this Kayak Expedition is for you! Build your water confidence and complete your Grade 2 Whitewater Certification as you learn about your gear (all provided) and its use, plus river environment safety, paddling skills, rescue skills, white water swimming, rolling - with safety top of mind. This is no classroom-based week - run the Rangitaiki River! The only prerequisite? You must be able to swim 50 metres fully clothed.

Sun, Surf and Sand

Nothing says "summer relaxation" like spending a few days with friends at 'The Mount'! Stay right in the heart of Mt Maunganui, just a short walk from the beach, shops, and saltwater hot pools. Providing a mixture of free time and set activities (including kayaking), this Expedition is always a Venture favourite, perfect for those who prefer a slower-paced, low-adrenalin option with socialising and selfies galore.


Food, glorious food! You will start with the question 'Where does food come from?'' and head off to the fish market, butcher and market garden. Then into the kitchen to learn knife skills, cooking techniques and plating concepts. Understand seasoning, make pasta and discover when to use which cut of meat (and how to cook it well). Will you beat the mystery taste test? Will you win the cook off? Take home culinary skills to dazzle your family at dinner-time, plus a few more failsafe recipes. Will you stand the heat in the kitchen?

The Underground

The only Expedition where 'whack on a hat' means 'helmet with head torch'! Don't just explore the surface of the Waikao region, get under it within the Waitomo cave network. Learn the skills necessary for water-caving, way-finding and rock-climbing. Navigate your way through underground passages which branch off at crazy angles. Hike to cave entrances. Abseil 25 metres into a cave. Spend a day black-water rafting. Certainly not for the faint-hearted!

Canoe Whanganui

Think you know about wilderness? This Expedition could well redefine your understanding of 'back country'! Canoeing the Whanganui River means no road access for four days and certainly no cell phone coverage. Experience the untouched scenery, the depth of silence and the steeped history. Visit the Bridge to Nowhere, listen to kiwi calling outside your tent at night, maybe see some native bats. No previous canoeing experience is necessary to navigate the 145 kilometres (which includes 197 rapids!) but you must be able to swim 100 metres confidently in full gear, including life jacket. Ready to get wild?

Dive In - Sandy Bay

Take the plunge! Earn your internationally recognised open water dive ticket! Learn from qualified and experienced dive instructors in Hamilton’s purpose-built pool facility, then head to the remote tip of the pristine Coromandel Peninsula for your first ever sea dive. Open to anyone over 16 years old, the Expedition provides all the necessary dive equipment. There’s no extra charge for the picture-postcard crimson pohutukawa trees and crystal clear water! As exciting as this sounds, you will need to be prepared: there’s a medical assessment required to confirm you are fit to dive, plus pre-course ‘homework’. Are you ready for an underwater adventure?

Boots and Lakes

The 1886 volcanic eruption, which killed 153 people and raised the Lake Tarawera surface by 12 metres, dramatically shaped the surrounding landscape. Hike the Tarawera Trail, Northern Tarawera Track, and the Western and Eastern Okataina Walkways, seeing first-hand the Buried Village and learning of the area’s devastating history. Bathe in natural hot springs. Marvel at the waterfall gushing from a sheer rock face. Pause and reflect at pristine lakes. Whilst hike tents are necessary, two nights are in lodges with - wait for it - showers! Plus, on the toughest walking day you’ll only need to carry a daypack. How dignified!

Tongariro Circuit

Winding its way around the active volcanoes Tongariro and Ngauruhoe, the Tongariro Northern Circuit is one of New Zealand's Great Walks. Covering 43km it is a well formed and well-marked track inside this Dual World Heritage Area. From alpine herb fields to forests, from tranquil lakes to desert-like plateau, this walk showcases the spectacular volcanic terrain of the central North Island. See active volcanic craters, brilliant blue lakes, and glacial valleys, plus panoramic views. Imagine being able to say you’ve walked around Mount Doom!

Photography Exposed

Want to create photographs with a WOW factor? Complete a series of tutorials to improve your photographic skills: camera controls, composition secrets, people, action and night shots. Under the expert guidance of the National Scout Photography School’s director you will be challenged to photograph boiling mud, towering redwoods, historic buildings, cute kiwis and night graffiti. You might even visit other expeditions to record their experiences as part of our press corps! Bring your own camera(s) and storage media to save your precious images.

Volcanic Overload

What better way to heat up your Inferno experience than to fill it with volcanic activity? Visit the Buried Village, hike the Tarawera Trail to Hot Water beach, visit Wai-o-tapu geothermal park and see the Lady Knox geyser. Walk around Lake Taupo’s Crater Lakes and see Huka Falls. Traverse the Tongariro Crossing. Hike through the Waimangu Thermal Valley. Visit Lake Rotiti hot pools (accessible only by boat!). Tour White Island. Phew! Some walking. Some sight-seeing. All fun.

Coromandel Loop

Of the two Coromandel Expeditions, this is the ‘scenic tourist’ option. Kick off by exploring a famous gold mining town. Walk tunnels carved out of the hillside for spectacular views of one of NZ’s most beautiful rivers. Take your photo with the ‘world famous’ L&P bottle. Marvel at the construction of the Driving Creek Railway, NZ’s only narrow-gauge mountain railway (chugging through replanted native kauri forest it includes 2 spirals, 3 short tunnels, 5 reversing points and several large viaducts as it climbs up to the mountain-top terminus). Don’t forget the Hot Water Beach!

Coromandel Canyon

Of the two Coromandel Expeditions, this is the ‘extreme adrenalin’ option. Kick off by exploring a famous gold mining town. Walk tunnels carved out of the hillside for spectacular views of one of NZ’s most beautiful rivers. Take your photo with the ‘world famous’ L&P bottle. Hike up to The Pinnacles and complete the Sleeping God Tour – a full day canyoning! Unwind in the Hot Water Beach!

Guns and Rods

Clay birds, air pistols, .22 rifles, large calibre – if you have ever wanted to shoot, then this expedition is bang on. Learn about gun safety and do components towards your Firearms Licence. Spend time at an outdoor range, shooting! Then go fishing on a commercial fishing trip. Will you catch the big one?

Rotorua Immersion

You are a traveller who wants to fully explore a destination, leaving no stone unturned as you immerse yourself in the culture, activities and natural wonder on offer. Marvel at the Wai-o-tapu thermal wonderland, the Waimangu Volcanic Valley, and Waikite Valley. Visit a Maori marae. Walk around the Blue and Green Lakes, and to Hotwater Beach. Meander through the Redwood Forest - by foot or bike. And even then there is still more of Rotorua to explore during Phase 2...

Modor Stonefields

Fancy yourself as an Orc-chaser? Reckon Sauron is no match for your stamina? Then stay up the rocky and remote Mount Ruapehu without its protective coating of snow. Undertake strenuous mountain and alpine activities. Hike (including the Tongariro Crossing), bike, abseil and climb. You’ll need to be fit, just like every courageous Hobbit...

Dive In - Whitianga

Take the plunge! Earn your internationally recognised open water dive ticket! Learn from qualified and experienced dive instructors in a purpose-built pool facility in Whitianga - a thriving little beach town. Then board a charter sailboat and spend time snorkelling, swimming and maybe jetskiing, waterskiing or kayaking (weather and time dependent). Open to anyone over 16 years old, the Expedition provides all the necessary dive equipment. As exciting as this sounds, you will need to be prepared: there’s a medical assessment required to confirm you are fit to dive, plus pre-course ‘homework’. Are you ready for an underwater adventure?

Boots and Bush

Soak up the rich history of the lower Kaimai Ranges, home to kauri mills and gold mines, as you hike through spectacular native bush and pause for breath-taking panoramas. Yes, you’ll be sleeping in tents but you won’t need to carry them every day. Bring your togs / trunks / bathers and swim in the sparkling waters of the Waitawheta River. Listen to the native birds. Marvel at the beauty Mother Nature has prepared - as if just for you.

Get Set...Go!

No planes or trains will be used on this Expedition. Paddles, petrol-power, pedals and pumping feet will be your greatest assets. It’s a race. Adapted from TV’s The Amazing Race, it will be action-packed so a reasonable level of fitness will make it more enjoyable. Where will you start from? Where will you finish? What fiendish roadblocks and detours will be presented to your Unit along the way - and who will step up to conquer them? We could tell you more, but where’s the fun in that? Expect. Surprises.

Boots to Nowhere

You want remote, isolated and secluded? This adventure kicks off with a 36km hike to the Bridge to Nowhere. This concrete road bridge spanning the Mangapurua Gorge was built in 1936 but has no roads leading to it. Don’t bring your cellphone - no coverage out here! Then it’s onto the water: hopping in your canoe and paddling down the Wanganui River for the final leg to Pipiriki. No shops. No motels. Just nature, friends and fun - and a great range of activities to keep you busy!

Mariner's Odyssey

At the end of a day sailing, have you ever camped on the lakefront and cooked your dinner in the geothermal water? Here you can. Spoilt for choice of pristine lakes in the Rotorua area, this Expedition has selected Lakes Tarawera and Okataina as its playground. With a healthy mix of both sailing and hiking, you will certainly not have a chance to grow weary of the spectacular natural beauty. But like any bearded Captain with wrinkles of experience, are you prepared for the unexpected..?

Start Your Engine

Ever watched race cars and wished you were behind the wheel? Do you enjoy tinkering with cars and learning what makes them zoom? If you are over 15 years old, here is your opportunity to not only get your hands dirty under the hood but also learn the techniques of Car Club style autocross driving – which places demands on car handling and driver skill instead of just engine power and outright speed. One for the ready, two for the show, three for race time - go, Venturer, go!

Mount Doom's Shadow

Put yourself in the middle of desolate Lord of the Rings country and explore the North Island’s Central Plateau, based at Mangetepopo. Hike the Tongariro Crossing - if the weather looks kindly upon you and your companions, climbing Mount Ngauruhoe (which doubles as Mount Doom) could be part of your adventure! Abseiling, rock climbing and mountain biking within this Dual World Heritage Area will leave you breathless - from both the stunning scenery and physical exertion.

Bilbo's Quest

Sit back and let us take you on an adventure, to showcase the scenic wonders of the Central North Island. Witness thermal activity in Rotorua. Climb Mount Manganui (or relax on the beach at ‘The Mount’). Be amazed by the pink and white prehistoric limestone formations at Aranui Cave. See relics of the gold mining operations in Karangahake Gorge. Not only do Waitomo, Taupo and Huka Falls feature on your tourist itinerary, but so do the world famous L&P bottle in Paeroa and ‘Hobbiton’ in Matamata. Sweet as!

Dive In - Tutakaka

Are you an experienced diver, with an open water or advanced dive certificate? Then travel north and dive the Poor Knights Islands - this Tutakaka coastline marine reserve has been rated by National Geographic Traveller magazine as the ‘second equal best coastal destination on the planet’! Converging warm water currents, a micro-climate and thousands of years of separation from the mainland have resulted in a unique biodiversity below and above the water line. Use your own gear or hire a partial/full set (additional cost). Relax on spacious dive boats (equipped with hot showers) and if the weather behaves, you should get in six dives. Did we mention the stingray mating season?

Adrenalin Veins

Action. There – we said it. When you can hear the blood pumping through your veins. Any fear is faced and courage wins the day. High ropes. Black water rafting in world-famous Waitomo. Canyoning in Thames. Rafting. Hiking the Tongariro Crossing. And for good measure there’s a bungy jump option (additional cost). Big miles, big smiles, big adventure. Nuf said.

  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Bouldering
  • Beach Base
  • Mountain Biking
  • Kayaking
  • High Ropes
  • Sailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fishing
  • Rafting

Phase 2

9th - 13th January

After Phase 1 Expeditions are done, everyone returns to the Venture site for Phase 2, where the party really starts! With all 1000+ Ventures back on site, stories are swapped and more friendships are made. Over the next 5 days you will have the opportunity to participate in a range of awesome activities both on and off site.

On-site Activities

There will be a range of on-site activities for Phase 2, where you simply rock up and participate. Almost all are free and included in the cost, and those that are not are very reasonable. Activities in the past have included canoeing, rockclimbing, swimming, arcade games, crate stacking, construction and destruction, chill-out zone (with pool tables and table tennis), challenge valley, paintball, movies, horizontal bungee, aerial wrestling, Rover cafe - the list goes on! In 2013, a local radio station even came onsite and broadcast live across New Zealand and online for the entire Phase 2 - with Venturers being the hosts and DJs all day every day!

Off-site Activities

As well as all of Phase 2's on-site inclusions, there will be a range of off-site activities on offer as well. Trips into town to explore Rotorua, or half/full day excursions to try an extra activity (or do one again!) will be available. More details on these activities will come in the following months.

Night Activities

This is a Venture, meaning the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down! The night entertainment is awesome, with DJs, bands, and a variety of themed and secret events to make sure you enjoy every moment!