Meet the Team

Phillip Britt
Contingent Leader
Phil has been a leader for 18 years and attended 12th New Zealand Venture as the Deputy Contingent Leader. He was also the Deputy Contingent Leader for the Victorian Contingent to Heaps Good, and has attended the last 6 Australian Ventures. Phil is the Venturer Commissioner - Gippsland Region and Venturer Leader at 1st Traralgon in Victoria. He is looking forward to providing the trip of a lifetime to as many Australian Venturers as possible!

Matthew Kusi-Appauh
Deputy Contingent Leader
Kusi has been making the most out of Scouting, Venturing and Rovering for the last 10 years. 2013 he was the Assistant Contingent Leader for the 12th New Zealand Venture, and has now attended 5 Ventures in total. Kusi has had an amazing time at every one, and above all enjoys the close friends that he has made at each. At NZV2016 he is looking forward to a whole new set of mates and adventures! Kusi hails from Wollongong, NSW.

Nathan Leivesley
Assistant Contingent Leader
Nathan joined Scouting at the tender age of 10 and has never looked back since, becoming a Leader as soon as he turned 18. He's been lucky enough to attend both Australian and New Zealand Ventures, and absolutely loves the opportunities that Ventures give their Venturers to get outside their comfort zones, meet a ton of new friends, and have some truly memorable experiences. He can't wait to help make NZV2016 the most amazing Venture yet!

Nicola Grundy
Assistant Contingent Leader
Nicola joined scouts at the age of 12 and has had the opportunity to attend the 2010 Jamboree, the 2011 NZ Jamboree, 2012 Australian Venture and the 2013 New Zealand Venture. Nicola is now a Rover and Assistant Scout Leader and is keen to give back to the Scout Association some of what the movement has given her.

Gary Steinhardt
Contingent Advisor, Transport & Logistics Manager
Gary has been a leader for 39 years and has attended 11 of the 12 New Zealand Ventures held. He has been the Australian Contingent Leader to New Zealand three times before, and the Victorian Contingent Leader to many Australian Ventures. Gary is the Assistant State Commissioner - Venturer Events in Victoria.

Richard Scholes
Program Manager
Richard has been a leader for 13 years, and he is currently a Scout and part-time Venturer Leader in Victoria. He has a passion for adventurous activities especially canoeing, ski-touring and bushwalking. Richard has been to many Jamborees and Ventures, and was Deputy Contingent Leader to the 11th New Zealand Venture and Deputy Victorian Contingent Leader to the 14th Australian Venture. He is looking forward to putting together a truly amazing pre and post tour program!

Fiona Flanigan
Administration Manager
Fiona has been a Leader for over 22 years, and in the Venturer section for the past 16 years. Fiona has worked most of her life in finance, payroll and accounts payable and has extensive experience working in other Scouting administration teams. Fiona is currently District Leader Venturers for Strzelecki District in Victoria, and the Producer of Strzelecki Showtime.

Sharon Noonan
Youth Welfare & First Aid Manager
Sharon has been a leader for 12 years and was the Welfare Manager for the Australian Contingent to the last New Zealand Venture. She has also been in similar roles at the most recent Australian Venture and Victorian Cuboree. In addition to this, Sharon is employed as a full time Welfare Coordinator at a Gippsland school. She is hoping to use her experience to ensure the youth members of the Contingent stay safe and have a fantastic time.

Gary Park
Adult Support Manager
Gary has been a leader for over 8 years and attended the last two New Zealand Ventures as a line leader. Gary is the Region Commissioner - Mt Dandenong Region and Group Leader at Mt Evelyn Scout Group. Gary has held a secondary role as an AVL and actively supports and assists with Venturer activities.

Robert Slater
Marketing & Communications Manager
Rob has been a scout since the age of 5, and chalks up his 17th year in the movement this year. He was the Assistant Contingent Leader for the last New Zealand Venture in 2013, following on from having the absolute time of his life as a participant at NZV2010. Rob is passionate about spending the year promoting NZV2016 in order to give other Venturers the same opportunity, and is looking forward to experiencing it all again next year. Rob is from Baulkham Hills, NSW.

Alan Wilson
Catering Manager
Alan has held Leader of Adult roles as Group Leader, District Commissioner and Region Commissioner. He is currently an Honorary Commissioner with the Victorian Branch. This is Alan's second NZV as Catering manager, the same role he played in 2013. Alan has had a lot of experience in running and supporting major events including Sub Camp leader for the Victorian Cuboree in 2008, 2010, 2011 and again in 2014 along with the Victorian Contingent to AV2015. He has also been a line leader and activities leader at two Jamborees.

John Reisinger
IT Manager
John is currently a Cub Leader in at Morwell East in Victoria and has attended the last two Australian Ventures and New Zealand Venture as a line leader and Contingent Team. John has developed an IT system which allows us to manage a range of on and off site activities and it helps us keep track of all of the Venturers as we move from location to location.