O Day Presentation
The O Day presentation is now availabe for download. Thanks to everyone who made it to one of our O Days, it was really great to meet you all.
The Pre Tour
The optional pre tour adds an extra 7 days to your already awesome adventure taking in Queenstown, Auckland and a whole heap of amazing activities.
The Venture Phase 1
The Venture is the main event and is split into two halves. The first is known as Phase 1 and you'll head out with 8 other Venturers on a 5 day expedition of your choice with options to suit everyone from the adrenaline junky through to the more relaxed.
The Venture Phase 2
After your expedition you'll return to the main Venture site to join over 1000 Venturers and Leaders for lots of on and off site activities plus some amazing theme nights and parties with your new Aussie and Kiwi mates.
Post Tour
Once the Venture is over the entire Australian Contingent will have an extra 2 days in New Zealand to see a few more sights, say farewell to your new mates and experience some more of what New Zealand has to offer.